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Backpack Society…

What is wrong with this society

With it’s judge others before we judge

Ourselves mentality.

We daren’t ask of the roads they travel

We do not want to contaminate our feet

by  wearing their shoes

We do not want to be weighed down

by the backpacks that

carry their dreams

These are the lost


left  vulnerable

By our Backpack society

We pretend to look the other way

We do not like to meddle

In  throwaway society

Where it is acceptable to queue for days

For the latest apple id

Yet we shun those that have no choice

But to sleep in piss soaked doorways

Begging for small change

And so I plead

Look into your heart

In this Backpack society

          Do not judge others before you judge yourself

Remember each and everyone of us

has a name

Everyone is human too

Copyright 2014 June Bolland

May contain Rants

Old friends chatting…

couple cloud sitting( for David 06/03/1962- 08/02/2002 – forever loved and always missed)


Its been 19 months since we were last in tune

We sat and skirted around varied  subjects

The usual chatter of old friends on a sunny afternoon

Then in an instant the conversations ceased

Like the stopping of the hands on the old timepiece

No more conversations were to be shared

All that was left was my despair

As I write this I know you are looking over my shoulder

And I feel the air become a little colder

I wished I had spoken of how much you meant

Instead of discussing the amount of Euro’s you had spent

So here now I will write of how beautiful and loved you are

And how not one day goes by without a

thought for you

And how life without you is just too bizarre

I wipe away the tears

As I think of all those lost years

of how when we were young we’d dreamed

of sharing our life

And of how one day I would become your wife

But now the weekend arrives and I bring you flowers

Again my tears begin to overpower

The only way I seem to get by and cope

Is to pray and live in hope

That one day we will again be in tune

And will be forever together sitting

on a cloud watching old friends

chatting on  sunny afternoons

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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