May contain Rants



Perfection falls from the skies

As spring finally arrives

The daffodils in the garden

With heads once bowed

Now stand to attention to greet the sun

All around us new life has begun

The house begins to come alive as roof slates

Moan and groan as they begin to stir

With the suns heat

And in the street

Children laugh and play

For they have woken to a sunny day

Spring has arrived

And just for today lets us all smile

In appreciation

As the spring has awoken from it’s hibernation

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

Sounds of the season's…

falling_leavesWe listened as the summer’s laughter

Faded into the distance

And the rustling leaves begin to fall to the floor

We witnessed the autumn sigh

And as the nights grew darker

We heard the cries

Of the winter

As the cold began to bite

We wait to hear the songs of spring

Sing out in jubilation

And for summer to laugh once more

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland