May contain Rants

The Fats

Imagine if you and I could fly back to that timefates

To witness that fixed point in the universe

When “The Fates”  whispers decided our destiny lay together

I wonder if it was as profound as that moment our eyes met and we knew, we  just knew

I wonder if it was as captivating as our first kiss, the first feeling of your lips, I still have the taste of you

I wonder if it had all that same intensity as we when

first  laid naked sharing  ourselves

I still can feel your touch on my skin,

the feeling is still the same every time I lie with you

I wonder if it felt as beautiful as the passion we feel

Every second

Every minute

Every hour

Every day

I wonder

Imagine if it did, what a magical,

wondrous sight that would be to behold

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved