May contain Rants


Thoughts that blackened my mindhands_making_love_heart_with_shining_light1

Scurry back to the darkness of their lair

And I am left with a feeling of silence and inner peace

That rejoices and my heart trips as it dances with delight

Positivity projects an image of

Our future

Our life

Our love


A beautiful collision of mind, body and soul

That’s what we are


Have always been


This makes me smile

A ray of the sun’s hopes reverberates onto on my shoes

I pass my hand through the beam catching its warmth as it does

The heat  seeps through my skin and turns it from grey to pink again

And the positivity begins to trickle through my veins

No longer numb


Full of Hope


I smile again

I have turned that corner

I have avoided the abyss once again

Slayed my demons one by one

I am well again

And I know that whatever happens from now on in

I will always have reason’s to smile

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

May contain Rants

Sticks and stones

Sticks and stonessticks and stones

but the names did hurt me

they resonated in my head

for whole three decades

I carried your words around with me

Every vowel , and syllable

was shackled to my being

my heart had etched the names you called me

my seIf esteem cruelly snatched

I hated the way I looked

I resigned myself to never be loved

to accept a life of solitude

to never be worthy to witness the brightest days

or the moonlights sky’s

because of the names you called me

then your words were broken

because I began to believe in myself

love myself and be loved

to cherish everyday

to  bask in the moonlight

to know its ok to be alone once in a while

after all your sticks and stones

That all they are

Your words are meaningless now

So may I thank you because your

Sticks and stones and names didn’t

Just hurt me, they taught me humility

and to never be like you.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved