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When the bough breaks…

When the bough breaks

His body will fall and

Lie there alone on the floor

No more pain and anguish

Will he feel

No more stigma will he face

For time will stand still for him for evermore
But for those left behind

Those that loved him

The pace of time will not changed

For tomorrow will still turn into today

And the memory of his lost will never go away

Copyright 2014 June Bolland


Written and posted for World Mental Health Day 10/10/2014 and for all those of us and our families that are  affect by mental health issues and in memory for  those who have lost their battle to Mental health and the families they have left behind.

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We were two strangers

Until that first kiss

Remember how we smiled

through the whole thing

That was before the demons

took over the roller coaster ride

And my life became a series

of mania and depression

They say I now need timeout  

To  allow you time to recover

from all the hurt I’ve instill on you

That I need to quieten my mind

To allow my brain to recover

That I need to take my pills

to attend the therapy

and to learn how to control

the rapid thoughts that

race around my head 

Yet when I’m

Alone at night

I still think of you

And that first kiss when

We were strangers

Copyright June Bolland 2014

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Silent drowning

Stones in her pockets

Silent drowning

Virginia,she walked into Ouse

Silent drowning

Water filled her lungs

Silent drowning

She gasped for breath      

Silent drowning

Heart beating fast

Silent drowning

Heart beats slowly

Silent drowning

Heart beat stops

Silent drowning

Virginia, she floating

Silent drowning

The madness will never reclaim her

Silent drowning

Virginia, the voices have finally ceased

Silent drowning

Virginia was finally at peace

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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The March of the Demons


Sshh if your quiet you may hear them comingdepression

Out of the shadows they swarm

Scouting for their prey

The weak, the vulnerable all pummelled by doubt

Their whisper is sinister, they howl as they sing

Their march gathers momentum, gathers speed,

The ground shudders as they grow in numbers

The clouds darken ,

Quick hide your weak, your hopeless ,your lonely, and

Those who feel unworthy and unfilled

For it is the season for the demons to March

They attack at night when you are sleeping

They take no prisoners; they will feast on your thoughts,

They will your pillage your soul, they will leave nothing behind

For the demons are marching, you have been warned.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

May contain Rants

A Cure for Demons

I am not one of those people who inherited pictures and trinketsdemons 1

Some precious family heirloom handed down the generations

I inherited demons, the sort of demons that cant be wrapped in brown paper

to be stowed away in attics or draws and forgotten.

My demons keep my shadows company when there is no sun

Bequeathed on me are demons that try to break me

They whisper to me in the darkness, try to persuade me

with their demonic thoughts.

These malignant creatures cannot be tamed or squashed

no measurement of potions, lotions or absolutions will defeat

them in their cause.

I tried to guard myself with sobriety, but even then, the need to abstain is torturous

but over the years I come to realise that my demons don’t like love ,you see

it makes the scuttle towards my shadows looking for company

For they don’t like me to be happy.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.