May contain Rants

Mantra’s …

They make write notes on neatly
torn pieces of paper… Mantra’s
They make me read them over and over again because my mind needs to be fed
In order to sustain the  heightened  sense it seems to be in
Yet my consciousness is locked away in a little box they will not allow it be free
In angst I cry in frustration in being me
This is not the life I wish to lead
I cannot live without solid foundations
But the mantras tell everything will be ok
and who am I not to believe
In my state of heightened frustration
June Bolland Copyright 2015

May contain Rants

You,me and the silence


In the dark

I cry

No panic this time

No demons present

Just me, the silence and my tears

I hear your footsteps on the stairs

The door opens

There’s concern on your face

Silently you sit beside me

You place your arm around my shoulder

Your thumb wipes away my tears

Talk to me you said

It all comes out

The madness that has been present in my head

I tell you I try to convince myself that I am well

But really we both know I am not

The past has resurfaced in my mind

Memories, collections, and scenes

of the secrets only you know about

Are playing out in my head

I feel weak again, beaten again

And then I taste it

The taste of shame

Still present after all this time

You place a kiss on my forehead

You promise that no will ever hurt me again

And reassure me that I am not going mad

And I know you speak the truth

So we sit, you and me, in the silence and

We watch patiently as my fears begin to

evaporate into the darkness of the night.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland