May contain Rants

When the whole world is as one…

A very short posting. Firstly it was wonderful monumental day on 26 June 2015 in the US  but since then It has become apparent that the new celebratepride app/ photo profile that  is trending on Facebook has gone viral. As a lesbian I would of thought I would  of joined in  this trend but I can’t because there are 79 countries left in the world where it is illegal to be a homosexual. How could I celebrate when many can’t.  It would  leave a very bitter taste in my mouth. So when homosexuality is no longer illegal in any country , when  it is no longer punishable by life in prison or death then I’ll celebrate from the rooftops

May contain Rants


Your hypocrisy sticks in my throatbible

It suffocates my soul and yes I DO have

Soul that does not need saving

With your hypocritical prayers

I have soul that has no boundaries, or restraints

A soul that does not judge on a person’s race, creed or sexuality

So please keep your doctrines and beliefs away from my door

And won’t enter through yours

Don’t’ make you Ego’s bigger than your Gods

You are no better than me and to be truthful

I have no problem with your beliefs;

I told you my soul does not judge

As long as you take a really good look at what

you’re reading and what  you believe in,

that you dont believe all the hype and the lies

I am sure it isn’t hate

Go and receive your sacraments,

Receive your confession on a Saturday,

Rub the slate clean and start a whole new week with an unforgiving soul

But just don’t lecture me on Chapters in your book

Without taking a look on what’s a round you

Live your beliefs every day,

Question them every day,

Denounce something’s if you have to

But please don’t be hypocritical

Just don’t hate or pity me because your

scriptures told you to

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.