May contain Rants

When dealing with flies

The killing of fliesfly

If you don’t prepare, you end up being careless

Or you’ll find yourself in  A and E

Don’t try to outwit it with a flame throwing lighter

Cos the little buggers are fighters

You can’t out catch them cos

They’re faster than an Olympian cyclist in a velodrome

And all you’ll  do is end up is burning down your home

If they try to enter your ear

Don’t try whacking them with the TV remote

My dear

cost you’ll only end up getting yourself concussed

and causing a fuss

being wheeled into an A and E facilty

whilst the said wee beastie knows it out witted you

It flies off to find its next casualty.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

* This poem has been written after a conversation I had with a fellow blogger who I was chatting to last night who end up being attack by a fly anyway I said there was a poem in the situation. So I was asked to write a poem and anyway here it is, plus humorous picture to accompany said poem .A bit of fun on a wet horrible Thursday morn .

May contain Rants

Cankles and size 7 feet!

????????????????????We rarely argue, we rarely fight

We have bond so strong so tight

But that night we fought, how we fought

It all started off so innocently

The usual pick you up from the hospital where you worked

Quick kisses on the cheek as you get into the car

With “Hi babe how was your day?”

and then, oh yes then

I made the mistake on commenting on your ankles

I wish could have eaten those words right there and then

I said”Sweetheart  look your ankles are swollen ,are you ok?”

you reply with displeasure

that if I think hard enough  still resonates in my head

“Those are my ankles! Are you implying I have cankles?”

“No I was worried because of your heart condition

and with you being on your feet all day, that’s all.”

You sarcastically reply “I”m amazed you got down as far my ankles!”

Jokingly I replied “I know I’m amazed I got past your breast too!”

A silent journey home ensues

then slamming of

car doors,

front doors,

bedroom doors,

bathroom doors,

an hour later you reappear

you still not happy, I can tell

The three of us sit down for dinner my mum, you and I

you’re laughing joking with my mum but me ,I may as well not have been there

my mum retires to her room

silently we’re in the kitchen clearing the plates

I’m washing, you’re drying.

all of a sudden you remember I’m there

You say “ I may have cankles,  but you have size seven feet! “

an all mighty war breaks out because my feet are actually size six

and I didn’t actually say you had cankles!.

later we’ve headed to bed

back to back we lay,

I say “I’m sorry , you have beautiful ankles”

I turn and so do you

we’re face to face

you kiss me on my forehead and said “It’s ok , I forgive you

but you still have size 7 feet! ”

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved