May contain Rants

This is why my blog is called what it is!!

It fair to say I have that I’ve not had the best of weekends, this weekend. This is due to many things; some things I can’t discuss, nothing wildly exciting, I’m just not able talk about them.

The things that have pissed me off this weekend that I can discuss are

1) I have been on a really tight schedule regarding a British Sign Language course that I’m doing and  I have an exam in about 4 weeks DON’T PANIC and a further one in about 8 weeks so things are a little full on at the mo. There never seems to be enough time to fit everything in with caring for my mum, counselling my mum at the mo as well as she’s waiting for the cancer results to come through. Trying to fit ’ ALONE’  time in with my girlfriend Jo oh and go to work! I suppose I could spend less time writing poems but in honesty they keep me SANE and SANE IS GOOD AT MO!!!

All week I had this looming panic about doing this piece of British Sign Language interpreting, which means writing it (most people think sign language is a direct interpretation of English it’s not .It has its own linguistics, it’s a complex language. It’s a beautiful  language . I’m doing the course because I want a change in career  from what I’m doing now , which something I can’t talk about ! I also believe everybody has the right to information and communication , this includes study and basic information like gay rights /support , so passing means I will just be one step from making my leap into interpreting and helping people get this information . I have been signing all my life as my mum is profoundly deaf) , then doing the piece to camera, editing and uploading and then sending to my teacher. Well parts 1 to 2 went smoothly. Parts 3 and 4 some issues, which were resolved, but part 5 well let’s just say the little beep, beep, beep is still uploading and has been since 10 o’clock this Morning!! It was supposed to be in by 2 this afternoon, well don’t think that’s going to happen. Anyway major rant, I find shouting at inanimate quiet therapeutic like LAP TOPS!!

Anyway Jo took herself off to the kitchen to bake. She knows me so well that she knows that the way to calm a ranting woman down is fill her with cupcakes!

Now full and calm. So calm that I text my teacher who replied “Oh bring it on usb stick or DVD tomorrow when you come to class. Jo pass me another cupcake. Anyway if there were any clips on YOU TUBE OF   British Sign Language SWEAR WORDS I would at this point upload them to show you the actions I did towards that text message.

2) The other thing that spoilt this weekend is that I became very low; my mood took a real nose dive. I can’t give an explanation because it’s part of the thing I can’t talk about ,  it just happens every so often a black cloud just resides over my head  for a little while, usually when I’m stressed out , which I have been .  I usually know what to do and that’s to remain quiet, have space, and usually sleep and it passes fairly quickly. But because of everything going it didn’t. Thankfully my mum and Jo know I can be a moody cow and leave me to it, but are there when it goes beyond a little downer.

Anyways please to say in the scheme of sorting out the uploading problems and eating far too many cupcakes I am back to my old self again (Jo probably thinking thank fuck for that!!)

Anyway going to catch up on some blogs, and work on some poetry.

May contain Rants

Speak to me through hands

Slight difference to the norm .Apart from Poetry and Literature  in general the other passion I have in life  is Sign language . I’m studying  hopefully to be an interpreter /communication officer of deaf teenagers and adults in further education asI feel strongly that everybody has the  right to communication

Anyways I have the  first part of a three part exam this evening so I thought I wrote a poem about Signing and the meeting of the two worlds…hopes you enjoy. Finn x

Speak to me through handssign

Speak to me through hands

From fingertips to closed palm

To the features of your face

Break through the barriers of our worlds

With a symphony of mime

Unlock the secrets I cannot understand

Show me the ways of your words

As I allow you to understand mine

Dance your sentences for me

Express them through the  movement of your body

A language that is not mine

Speak to me through hands

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved.