May contain Rants

Sticks and stones

Sticks and stonessticks and stones

but the names did hurt me

they resonated in my head

for whole three decades

I carried your words around with me

Every vowel , and syllable

was shackled to my being

my heart had etched the names you called me

my seIf esteem cruelly snatched

I hated the way I looked

I resigned myself to never be loved

to accept a life of solitude

to never be worthy to witness the brightest days

or the moonlights sky’s

because of the names you called me

then your words were broken

because I began to believe in myself

love myself and be loved

to cherish everyday

to  bask in the moonlight

to know its ok to be alone once in a while

after all your sticks and stones

That all they are

Your words are meaningless now

So may I thank you because your

Sticks and stones and names didn’t

Just hurt me, they taught me humility

and to never be like you.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved