May contain Rants

Time with you


I need an adventure of sorts

I need to walk across tideless sands

To feel the remnants of sea salt soaking into my toes

I need to go hunting for creatures, in deep pools of black waters

I need to go an excavate rocks and boulders

I need to place my flag on territories to say I was there

What I really mean to say is I want to just go spend a child like day at the beach

with you

To go beach walking and paddle in the sea hand and  in hand

with you

To go catching  the crabs in the shallow pools amongst the rocks in bay

with you

To go  rummaging out shiny smooth  pebbles shaped as hearts

with you

To have sand filled  picnics at the bay

with you

To scribble  our names “Jo and June” in a huge sand heart to say  I’m in love 

with you

I want to just go spend a day at the beach

with you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved