About me…

Howdy, thank you for stopping by. Anyway let me introduce myself
My name Fin (It’s a shortened version of the Welsh word for June ……Mehefin (so I go both names it makes life easier but I prefer Fin ) .

I live in the UK. I am openly gay woman who has bipolar type 2 .

What else is there to know about me , well I’m 54 with a brain that still thinks it’s twenty something years old.

I have dabbled in writing and writing poetry since I was 15 , I love creating stories and poems.

I am currently in the process of writing a book entitled Lakeside .It’s a new adventure for me and so far I’m enjoying the journey.I have been away from the wonderful world of the interweb for just under 12 months as I have family commitments and work pressures to deal with plus I got bored with the whole networking thing, I found it all disingenuous so I closed all Social Media accounts and went away to just focus on ‘real stuff’ . Anyway I’m back ready to pick up the pieces , but not in the intense way as before my break as I dont want to be sucked into the BS which is called Networking ( I detest concept of it ) Anyway I’m hoping my mojo is back because I’ve really missed writing.