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Across the open skies…

There’s an old black bag
That looks like a bird with torn wings of ragged plastic
It’s become entangled in the winter branches of the tree at the bottom of the garden
Every morning I open the curtains
Look up to see it still sitting there
I watch whilst opportunistic magpies gang up and try and torment it
I can tell it wants to free itself from its prison
But bedraggled all it can do is wait
For the weather to change
For winds to pick up
So it reserves its energy
Then the day arrives the branches of the sycamore begin to sway
This is its only chance to be free
Furiously flapping its tired wings
Finally it breaks free
And once more it soars across the open skies

I smile

© June Bolland 2016

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My heart is over ruling my head today with random thoughts of you
I try and convince myself it will pass
I realised I asked too much of you
pulling you in
pushing you away
promising you the world
A promise I could not deliver
my bipolar saw to that

I realise my heart , it’s rhythm is slower these days
because you are no longer here to make it beat fast
but as I said my heart is over ruling my head today
Its making me think of happier times
Things I thought I’d put to bed
Random thoughts that now make me search out the box in my bed side draw, the one that holds our rings
I take yours out and gently hold it like I’m holding you again

My heart is asking my mind questions it has no right to ask
It’s wondering if I called you would say “Hello”
I’d ask you if we could call a truce on the love and hate thing that we’ve had going on
cos I hear your on you’re own again
and I’m thinking that you could do with a shoulder right now
But maybe not , as I said I cannot give promises I cannot keep
But maybe all I really  want to say to you is I fucked up and well my heart still misses you, but as I said my heart is over ruling my head today

© June Bolland 2016