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I know this now…

There was a time I doubted her

I thought the years between us were too much

I doubted whether she’d understand

The complexities of my mind

So many thoughts of doubt I had

So I put obstacles

Of my baggage in her way

Pushed her away again and again and again

And hid behind my walls

But she never gave up

Because she loves me

I know I this now

She tells me age is just a number

That we meet somewhere in the middle

I know this now

For behind the Chanel and her jimmy Choo’s

Is the spirit of an old soul

Where as I am young at heart

She tells me she understands the definition of complexity

She’s tells me how she gorged on it and spewed it out

I know this now

She tells me she’s here to help carried the load I once called baggage

That  I no longer need to struggle with it alone

I know this now

She tells me I do not need to hide behind vast walls

For her arms are the only protection that I need

and so she pulls me in towards her  again and again and again

I know this now

And when on bended knee

I placed that ring on her finger

All the thoughts of doubt

I once had

All those foolish thoughts

Vanished in the breeze

Because she really does love me

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

Raindrops …


It rained this morning

As I was going to work

Stuck in traffic

I sat stationery as the raindrops fell

On the windscreen

Wipers frantically going back and forth

But as each droplet hit the screen

It made a perfect circle

Some circles interlocked

As if the heavens merged them intentionally

Sometimes we need the rain

And traffic jams

How else would we know

That from grey skies

Falls perfection

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants


We are pebbles you and I

I am flawed

For I have weathered too many rough seas

But you are perfect

In my eyes

Soft and smooth

But yet together we are so similar


We do not bury ourselves in the sand

We have withstood the storms

And survived

With nothing but a perfect a horizon laid

Out before us

No dark clouds above

Just a blue sky tomorrow can we see

As we bask in sun Side by side

We are each others rock you and I

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

Welcome to the circus…


Welcome to the circus

And enter my mind

Be baffled and amazed

At the performance of my thoughts

See the trapeze artists toy with my mood

See how high they swing


Watch them fall

See how they walk preciously across the thin wire

Always trying to maintain their balance

Hoping not to slip and get hurt

See how they juggle

One thought, two, three, four all in quick succession

Until they all coming crashing down to the ground

See the faces drawn on my thoughts

Painted white faces

With their wide fake smiles

Yet lurking behind the scenes

Waiting for their moment in the spot light

There are the thoughts that

Can lift the weight of a car in each of their hands

And those that can tame the wildest beast known to man

Welcome to the circus

And enter my mind

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

A kiss is just a kiss…

I remember that first kiss we shared

It wasn’t awkward

It was full of promise and passion

We’ve shared a thousand kisses or more since then

In corridors, in our car, in our bedroom, in the bath,

walking on the beach and against the rocks at Angel bay

Those saccharine kisses in the morning accompanied with a smile

Gentle goodbye kisses when I drop you off at work

Kisses on the top of my head when I’m writing and you bring me tea

Those kisses that soothe my mind in my darkest moments

Discreet kisses when no one is looking

Kisses on the neck when you are cooking

Long kisses in the evening that send us to our slumber

Kisses that tease

Lustful kisses that

Send euphoric waves crashing through our bodies

Too many kisses to count

and so a kiss isn’t just a kiss

Each one has holds a memory

As every kiss has been shared with you

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland.

May contain Rants

One whole week …

I’m rushing the time away

Counting down the days

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Then we will be free

Free from the early morning alarm and the rat race

For one whole week

I’m dreaming about the uninterrupted

days we’ll have, just us two

Shall we go and stay by the sea

And go beach walking

Perhaps we’ll go to the country

Where there’s wide open space

Or maybe we’ll spend the time alone in a room with a view

Then again we could just go potter around old boutiques

And sit in café bars just people watching

Have lazy lie in’s and get up at noon

Or we could have a picnic in the living room

For my birthday next week

Maybe we can do all of the above

After all we have one whole week

Of uninterrupted days , just the two of us

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

Time is gone all too briefly…

Time is gone all too briefly

Like glimpses of the sun it soon too disappears

Through the branches of the trees as we drive on past

Momentary flickers of the past present future

Merge into one

But recently I lost sight of the sun

So many precious moments I should have

captured with you

But my thoughts were lost completely

To the imbalance in my brain

Between the clarity, insanity

and the Purgatory that

Ricocheted against all corners of my mind

Stolen were my thoughts

Only for them to reappear

In some abyss of despair

In fear I was losing all reason

Scared that my mind was being driven insane

By mischievous demons

But as my sense of clarity is slowly restored

Not one more second, minute, hour or day

Will I waste in trying to recapture

Precious moments, intimate moments

With you

For as we both know

Time is gone all too briefly

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland