May contain Rants

Nightshifts and words …

Words cannot replace
The physical sentiments of love
They cannot replace that first
morning kiss or the image of your smile that wakes me

Words cannot replace
The softness of your touch upon my skin
As darkness descends and time belongs to no one but us

But for those times when life just gets in the way
When we temporarily become ships that pass each other by

Carry my words , my sentiments
Keep them close to heart
Read them when you are on duty and all around you are sleeping
Take comfort that I will dream of you tonight

And when the sunrises in the morning read them again and
know sealed within every letter and space upon the page
is a kiss from me to send you to your slumber
Copyright Mehefin Bolland 2014

3 thoughts on “Nightshifts and words …

    1. Gorgeous comment! Which has humbled me , because it comes from someone who is so talented.You give me faith that maybe just maybe I should carry on writing. Had a few writing wobbles recently , so thank you for the encouragement , you makes me want to continue.

      However I am missing reading more of yours, hopes you’ve had some time to work on the drafts .Look forward to reading them


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