May contain Rants

In a sea shell…


Is it possible to feel like a child again

To view the world through the innocence of their eyes

To play those games where you count to ten

(Coming ready or not!)

Or to spend summer days lying in long grass

Making shapes out of clouds that float across the blue skies

(Look there’s the shape of a dog!)

The sound of the school bells rings out loud

And you’d smile ear from ear as you ran out of class

(Cheering as we see mothers waiting to greet!)

Being read bedtime stories at night

Fairy tales, Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss

Drifting off as they slowly retreated turning off the light

(To dream of Green Eggs and Ham!)

Adventures at the seaside

Climbing rocks as big as boulders

To collect sea shells and take they home in a bag

(Listen you can hear the sea in this shell!)

But childhood all to quickly floats away

Like a balloon it carries ours dream away

And we are left here with adulthood bearing down on our shoulders

Search out that shell you once collected

Place to your ear, hear the sea roar

And the innocence of childhood is recaptured once more

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

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