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Welcome to the circus…


Welcome to the circus

And enter my mind

Be baffled and amazed

At the performance of my thoughts

See the trapeze artists toy with my mood

See how high they swing


Watch them fall

See how they walk preciously across the thin wire

Always trying to maintain their balance

Hoping not to slip and get hurt

See how they juggle

One thought, two, three, four all in quick succession

Until they all coming crashing down to the ground

See the faces drawn on my thoughts

Painted white faces

With their wide fake smiles

Yet lurking behind the scenes

Waiting for their moment in the spot light

There are the thoughts that

Can lift the weight of a car in each of their hands

And those that can tame the wildest beast known to man

Welcome to the circus

And enter my mind

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the circus…

  1. This is such a fascinating poem! I love the photo that introduces it, and the metaphor is so clean and expressive. You can really imagine the circus. As a writer and literary blogger, I must say thanks for sharing your work!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. To be honest it was a 10 min brain to blog poem , sat in car waiting for my partner to finish work. I do my best thinking in the car 🙂


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