May contain Rants

A kiss is just a kiss…

I remember that first kiss we shared

It wasn’t awkward

It was full of promise and passion

We’ve shared a thousand kisses or more since then

In corridors, in our car, in our bedroom, in the bath,

walking on the beach and against the rocks at Angel bay

Those saccharine kisses in the morning accompanied with a smile

Gentle goodbye kisses when I drop you off at work

Kisses on the top of my head when I’m writing and you bring me tea

Those kisses that soothe my mind in my darkest moments

Discreet kisses when no one is looking

Kisses on the neck when you are cooking

Long kisses in the evening that send us to our slumber

Kisses that tease

Lustful kisses that

Send euphoric waves crashing through our bodies

Too many kisses to count

and so a kiss isn’t just a kiss

Each one has holds a memory

As every kiss has been shared with you

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland.

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