May contain Rants

Apart of me she cannot touch…

My mind is bruised

Its colour is slowly turning black and blue

Chaos rules my thoughts

Transmission signals are beginning to be lost

As the imbalance of the  mind scales begin to fluctuate

From one minute to the next

To Hyper Ville to my own personal sink hole

Its difficult to hide the pain away

When all people can see

Is a smile on my face

And tears streaming down my cheeks

But these are not happy tear that I can now taste

They are bitter and dark and taste of treacle

They stick to my tongue

I am rendered unable to speak

I’m losing my voice

To the demon voices inside my head

And all I can do is run, run far away inside myself

And hide in dark corners of total solace

Because this is a part of me  I do not want to her see

This is a part of me she cannot touch

Her arms cannot comfort my troubled mind

Her sweet kisses cannot soothe the darkest thoughts

And how I so wish that they could

How I need her tendered touch to take it all away

But all she can do is pick me up when I fall

So for now all I can do is run, run far away inside myself

Until the bruising fades and the voices stop

And my tears begin to taste like honey once more

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland