May contain Rants

Spirit soar free…

My beautiful picture

“Our Father

That art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name”

When I was at school

Every morning without fail

We stood in assembly

We recited this prayer

I knew it was a prayer to G_d

So why call him Father?

My father was very much alive

But now my father has passed

I still don’t relate to this prayer

Because I know my father

Could not be in heaven

Not that he was evil

or damn to Hell

He was good man in many ways

He had a free spirit

So somehow I know that the

Pearly gates wouldn’t confine him

His spirit soars free with the wind

And dives in the oceans

Sometimes he’s closer to home

To visit places


people he loved so much

He no longer needs to knock

We know he is there

We see his orb dart into sight

Sometimes it the tiniest of dots

That disappears with blink of an eye

But knowing he’s there

Showing us he still cares

There are times he doesn’t visit for weeks

I don’t get disheartened

Sometimes its enough to know

That he’s not confided

Behind the Pearly Gates

So wherever you are today Dad

May your spirit always be free

Let it soar on wind

And bring you home

To visit me

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

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