May contain Rants

Reason to be…


I am driftwood


On her

My ocean

She calms me

Between the ebb and flow


I am anointed

By her love

I am an acorn

That falls to the ground

From her

My oak tree

Protected by her roots

I am grounded

She nurtures me

I am the child

On sunny days

Warmed by the touch

Of her

My Sun

She lifts my mood

She makes me want to dance
Barefoot and carefree

I am what I ever I want

To be

As she is my reason to be

©Copyright 2014 by June Bolland

8 thoughts on “Reason to be…

      1. To be honest miss yours too but we seemed to have stopped chatting via FB & text for some reason:( , so I thought what was the point. I’m still available by text chuck, anyway hope your recovering well after your op (we were both thinking of you) and hopes that your now feeling better x


      2. There was no point chic, just been a bit poorly and adjusting to HRT and trying to get well and stuff. Hop you are both good. I feel much better thanks


      3. Understandable takes time to recover (you had a big op). Glad to here your feeling much better tho. Yep we’re both really good.


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