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Winter sands


rhos 2

As autumn arrives

And winter is not far behind 

The beach becomes a void

Of the throngs of families

Who came in their droves

To frolic and dance on the vast yellow shores

That now lie deserted, abandoned

No more castles will be built until the spring

Yet there is beauty in these unspoilt sands

That makes us walk for miles until we reach the beaches end

And we come to the Bay


The waves crash harder against the rocks on the Bay

As we wrap up in thick winter coats to keep the winds from biting

As the tides drive the sea further than it has flowed all year

And the winter sand stings

Rock pools drown in the ebbing tides

And boats are neatly moored in the quayside

And apart from the gulls cry,hungry for food

That’s no longer there to steal

The silence is overwhelming

The greyness of the skies blend into the greyness of the ocean

The shore has been reclaimed

And ours are the only foot prints to be seen along the shore

This is the time I love to go beach walking with you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland

May contain Rants

The waiting Room

waiting in hosp

People silently sitting

Some sit with hands fidgeting

And knees twitching

Nervous tension

Sat in neat orderly lines and rows

Waiting, clock watching

Tick tock tick tock

They sit with fear etched on their faces

There’s a sense of  premature sadness that fills the air

Waiting, clock watching

Tick tock, tick tock

Empathic smiles shared between strangers

In corridors and rooms with sterile coloured walls

With magazines on tables 3 months out of date

and discarded  styrofoam cups

Soft muzak plays to soothe the  patients as they wait to learn their fate

Waiting, clock watching

Tick tock, tick tock

For their name to be called

For their futures to be decided

Whether it is allowed to continue as it was before

But for those who are told the bad news (no one wants the bad news)

They leave the doctor’s office

With their world crashing down

Tumbling around their feet

Whilst those left sit patiently

Smile with empathic grins

All thinking the same thought

There but for the grace of God (go I)

But still they sit

Waiting, clock watching

Tick tock, tick tock

For their name to be called out

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland