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A moment in the moonlight

As the sun setsmoonlight

You take my hand

As we go beach walking on the sand

On a familiar path

To our Bay

There’s a garland of stars out tonight

As the moon reflects on the water

Like a mirror ball it illuminates the sea

We rest a while


With our hands now in my pockets

Your  fingers become entwined

With mine

We keep each other warm

And only the sound the sea makes surrounds us

You’re quiet

You’re thinking

Happy thoughts

I think?

With your head now perched on my shoulder

You kiss my cheek and say “ Thank you”

I reply what for “ For today? ”

“No for everything” you say

“For being you”

“For being there”

“For making me laugh”

“For your constant words of love”

“For your openness and honesty”

“For your patience”

List goes on

I turn to you

I tell you “I would have none of those things if it wasn’t for you”

Still we stand with hands remaining in my pockets

You kiss me again this time harder and as you do

Your tongue caress mine

As the sea caress the shore

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

4 thoughts on “A moment in the moonlight

  1. This kind of describes what I plan on doing next year with HER if we’re still together 🙂 ❤


  2. We love being at the beach, we’re lucky because my partner’s folks live quite close . There a particular bay we also go to and its where I proposed to Jo in July, its a special place for both of us. I so hope you do manage to fulfil your plans next year and that you are still with her and that all your planning is worth while xx


  3. I LOVE this post! My gf and I made our original connection over a conversation about how the ocean pulls at us both. We are going in 2 weeks to Florida for a long weekend, where we will have a full day and a half to spend doing nothing but enjoying the Gulf Coast. The cool part is that this beach has a great possibility of becoming a regular destination because it’s near my mom. I hope it becomes a special place for us just as you’ve described here!


    1. my partner is from a little coastal town in North Wales , her folks still have a home there and my fathers family come from the same area, so we immediately had that connection. Were lucky that it is only an hour and half away from where we live so we do go there quite alot. There is a particular Bay called Angel Bay , seculded and just beautiful, we’ve been together 5 years now and this July I took her to this Bay and asked her to marry me.
      Enjoy your trip in two weeks and I hope it becomes your special place xx


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