May contain Rants

A mother’s love

me and mum

This is a very old poem I’ve had since I was about 22 , so it’s twenty five years old. I wrote for my mum who was at the time very seriously ill with cancer and was about to have an operation that we did not know at the time whether she would survive it. We were told by the doctors to say our goodbyes, the night before the operation I gave her this poem. Thankfully she is still with me and today she still treasures the poem I gave her..

You taught me right from wrong

You sheltered me from everything of harm

You moulded me into someone who stood tall

Someone who is strong

You guided me from danger, you told me to

Always walk away and remain calm

You taught how to read and write

To know the comfort of books

You showed me how to be kind and to always believe in humanity

And when the night was scary, you’d comfort me

And tell me everything would be alright

You never tried to be different, you never believed in vanity

You always gave so much of yourself, even

When times were hard and there was no one around for you

You always had a hankie ready to wipe away all my tears

And when I needed things and money was scarce

You’d sacrifice yourself for me and even

Walked around with cardboard in your shoe!

And now I am grown and time has passed into years

I need to tell you how thankful I am for all you have done

And how I grateful I am for having you as my mum

I may not have shown it with gifts or kisses

I’ve expressed it in ways that are invisible

To the naked eye and are only meant for you

So for everything we’ve been through

I just want you to know how much I really do love you.

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