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The Robin

The bird is an animal almost universally exalted and accepted as symbolically being associated with the soul, as a messenger of the gods, carriers of souls, and an oracle or seen to possess the spirit of loved ones whilst also being a symbol of good or evil. ….. Carl G. Jung, the psychiatrist, said that birds represented the inner spirit of a person and that birds were seen to be associated with angels, flight’s of fancy and the supernatural.

the robin

I see you perched there Mr Robin

Silently watching

Observing my every move

Without fail, you are always here, present

I see your bend , still watching

As I kneel to tend to the flowers that surround

My father resting place

You attentively listen as I converse with my father

As if he is was stood /sat listening to me as you do

I’d tell him of how I miss him, how I love him,

How my life’s been ,that for once I am happy,

That I have found love

I’d tell him  all about Jo and how I wished he’d met her,

I’d tell how I miss his laughter, G_d do I miss his laughter

I see your head lean in sympathy at my loss

I swear if your wings were arms you would wrap them around

My grief strickenframe and comfort me

As the tears rolled down my cheeks

I as I leave,  I take one last look back


 I whisper in my head “See soon Dad, I love you” 

 If I could understand your song

I hope  you  sing a song

of reassurance

to  promise  


keep him safe ,

look over him,

keep him company

until I return again…

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved

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Lie with me

in bed 2Lie with me

let me see your beauty

Lie with me

look into my eyes and

See my spirit and know the love it has for you

Lie with me

Place yourself beside me and hold me (just hold me)

Lie with me

kiss away my pain

Lie with me

let’s have meaningless conversations

until we laugh and the tears begin to fall

Lie with me

Let me fall asleep enwrapped in your skin

Take a nap with me this afternoon

Whilst the summer rain dances on our windows

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved

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In the silence of happiness

midWe’re both wide awake

Its two maybe half two in the morning

Your arms round my waist

Head leaning on my shoulder

Your legs entwined with mine

You pull me in close into you

It’s a time we’re familiar with

It’s a time we have deep meaningful conversations

Sometimes often or not it’s a time for wants

And needs to be initiated

But not tonight

Tonight there is neither

Tonight there is a sense of contentment

In the silence of happiness

Lying here knowing that the past is a distant memory

never to be relived

And knowing that our future is beautiful adventure

waiting to be lived

But more than that

It’s knowing that you are well, you are safe

You are here, just here by my side

With your arms round my waist

Head leaning on my shoulder

Your legs entwined with mine

I feel blessed…

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved

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Even bloggers need a holiday !!

A short impromptu blog , well it’s seems ages since I have written any poetry but life the last few weeks has been really full on and lots of things have happened since my last posting. I have taken three British Sign language exams , so I had lots of preparation to do for those. I had the result of the first two exams and passed those , just waiting for the finally one to come through. I had an interview to get a place on  the British Sign language level 3 NVQ course starting in September and I managed to secure a place , which is really good as these places are hard to get on as they are very limited places, so I was thrilled to bits to be asked to do the course.

What else , well going back to a poem I wrote on 7 June 2013 (We will get you through this ), my partner was told at the age of 26 she need as pacemaker , anyway please to say she had the operation on 12 July and is doing really well and more importantly is feeling well, she has another 2 weeks recovery before she goes back to see her consultant but the difference in her is amazing.So with her having the op I took a week off to look after her . Now for the best bit of news , remember  I wrote a  poem on 4  June     ( Would you?) , well last week 19 July I took my partner to Angel Bay in North Wales which has featured in a number of poems I have shared ( its a really special place for both of us )  and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said YES! It was a complete surprise to her and it was a really special, beautiful  day. I had decided to ask her shortly after my partner was told about the pacemaker, but I wanted to do once she had the op and was well enough to travel (it drove me crazy  keeping it from her.) It to be honest it hasn’t really sunk in that she is now my fiancé, but I do feel very very blessed to have her here by my side and I know I am one lucky woman to have her to share my life. Anyway promise the poetry will resume shortly, I’ve  a few ideas floating about my head so I’ll be posting again soon. Anyway here’s a poem that basically sums up how I feel about the  engagement

And–that woman? she

was the universe’s tongue the universe

swallowed. That’s as good an explanation as any.

Once, in sleep, you started a dream soliloquy,

the grammar of which is snow on fire, the words are

neuron-scrawl, are words the elements sing to their molecules…

–I threw myself across you.

It wasn’t sex this time. I just wanted to keep you

beside me, in this world.”

-Albert Goldbarth

ps : Thanks Mr H for the title of this blog x