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What I would do

legs Before you I was lost deep within inside myself

 My name had returned on the singles list

There was a blackness that rule my head and heart

The girl I once loved, left for someone else far away,

All the relationships gone wrong before

I tried to  hide away

I try desperately to fill the void

Not knowing how to start

My mind in overdrive

I sunk to depths so deep

 Then you arrived

 My heart rejuvenated

 My mind so full of thoughts only of you

 You built me up, you counselled me                                           ,

You loved me and I began to love you (love me too)

So 5 years on and here we are

 We have had laughter, good times, stressful times,

Times we’ve parted and been lonely and miserable

But our love always shines through

Our life together now certain

You mean so much to me

That I would live my life over again

all its bad times, its black times,

I would allow myself to cavort with the demons of my past

For knowing you‘d be there

Even if it was only for

one last kiss

one last touch

one last night in your bed

one last look in your eyes

one last smile

I would do that for you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved

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