May contain Rants

When dealing with flies

The killing of fliesfly

If you don’t prepare, you end up being careless

Or you’ll find yourself in  A and E

Don’t try to outwit it with a flame throwing lighter

Cos the little buggers are fighters

You can’t out catch them cos

They’re faster than an Olympian cyclist in a velodrome

And all you’ll  do is end up is burning down your home

If they try to enter your ear

Don’t try whacking them with the TV remote

My dear

cost you’ll only end up getting yourself concussed

and causing a fuss

being wheeled into an A and E facilty

whilst the said wee beastie knows it out witted you

It flies off to find its next casualty.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

* This poem has been written after a conversation I had with a fellow blogger who I was chatting to last night who end up being attack by a fly anyway I said there was a poem in the situation. So I was asked to write a poem and anyway here it is, plus humorous picture to accompany said poem .A bit of fun on a wet horrible Thursday morn .

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