May contain Rants

A memorable meeting

On December 28 1979

I discovered women!

No correction

I discovered I was attracted

To a Woman,

Her name was Debbie.

I can only describe this discovery as a sublime

This was moment captured in time

From out of the dark she appeared

I must admit after that

Things became a little blurred

I was memorized by her

I was captivated by her

Her dead pan persona

Her style,

Blonde bombshell

The red lips,

Tight jeans

T-shirt ripped

I was in love at thirteen

I became a devotee

My room became a shrine

I worshipped her from afar

After all these years

She’s still divine

So the bottom line

you want to know the truth

I am still in love with her

The one and only

Miss Debbie Harry

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved