May contain Rants

Saturday evening rituals

j sexSaturday nights out with you are always bliss

A few hours away from the madding restraints of our world

But my favourite time is when we come home

alone in our room

you’re taking off your make up and were cleaning teeth and

getting ready for bed

I admit sometimes in the throws passion we don’t get this far

it’s usually a trail of discarded mess and the jumping of bones!

but there is a sensualness of preparing for what’s to come

I have obligatory glance at your nakedness as you climb into bed,

the foreplay begins, neck kisses, and gentle touches of skin on skin

you take my weight

you take my rhythm

you take my kisses

you take my touches

and my teasing tongue

but most of all

you take my love

I receive yours back in return

your fingertips caress parts of me that have ached  for your touch all week

you  journey on down with your teasing tongue between my thighs

I let out a sensual sigh

and when were both satisfied, complete

bodies still entwined

face to face, my fingertips in between your locks

I can’t  resist  but I touch your cheek

I catch your mouth with my thumb

both eyes still open you kiss it back,

Smile and say “Sweet dreams babe, goodnight.”

arms wrapped in each other

you snuggle in

I reply “Sweet dreams, night my sweet.”

smile and close my eyes

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

10 thoughts on “Saturday evening rituals

  1. I’m sure that the reason the first 3 people like this poem were men had NOTHING to do with the rather erotic photo used to illustrate it…


    1. Look if the photo fits the poem I’ll use it , and whats made you tad cynical if not judgemental if I do say so this morning. it’s a free blog website , if they want to like the photo, like the poem or even like poem/photo it’s up to them.

      I dont put them on here other to have a place for what I write, say or think.



      1. I well then I apologise, I was caught up in something that’s pissed me off on here which if remember we’ll discuss on Friday, and well if you’ve found it funny then as someone not a million miles away would say ” My job here is done” , you can do the laugh
        🙂 x


  2. I seem to be turning into my mother in that she will say something seemingly random but it has been going round in her head for hours, so to her it makes perfect sense… To everyone else its really random. In the context of certain conversations we’ve had – like how people “like” a post slagging off “superficial likes” just because there is a nice photo to acompany it. It made sense in my head. Yep. I’ve turned into my mother…

    On a totally different subject, I do like the direction your poems are taking. They are getting stronger and you are deffinately getting a style of your own. It’s like you are taking the stronger aspects of your poems and building on them. I’ve particulary enjoyed the ones with repeated aspects. Its a nice trick when used well, which you do. I’ll shut up now.


  3. I think we all turn into ours mothers at some stage!
    as for the comments regarding my poetry you have humbled me , because coming from you I know it’s not B/S , so thank you it means a lot coming from you.

    I’m lost for words now , so its my time to shut up.


    1. erm just received a vague comment from you, I assuming you’ve either reblogged, retagged,or pingback which was it ?

      if you have pingback my posting I be grateful if hadn’t, reblogg would be fine but I dont like my work being cut and pasted , sorry but that’s how I roll. If you have re- tagged I be grateful if didn’t I added all the tags to original posting I wanted to add this morning , so if you have please remove the added tags.
      If you have reblogged then thank you, oh and thank you for liking the poem .


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