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Weekend morning routine



I was watching you sleep this morning

I couldn’t resist I had to touch your cheek

I caught your mouth with my thumb

One eye opened you kissed it back,

Smiled and said morning.

You didn’t linger, you took your pills

And then you’re up out  of bed

Under the t-shirt you’re struggling to put on

“Tea?” you ask ,I nod

Five minutes later you’re back with mugs

You scramble back into bed

You pass me mine whilst kissing

Me on the cheek

The heats gone from you

So you wrap your arms around my body,

Your feet wrapped in mine, you try to retrieve some heat

We lay there wrapped in each other chatting,

Stupid conversations ,

Wonderful conversations

It’s the same old routine just like it used to be,

Before we both got so stressed and parted for a while.

But all the time I’m thinking how lucky I am to have you

And shout out in my head

thank you, thank you,

she came back home

I look at you, you’re smiling,

looking out towards the window

I wonder if you are thinking  the same thing too.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

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