May contain Rants

upNight lights, pills and you


A long time ago before you were born I met my first demons
They climbed off the wallpaper that hung in my room
I knew as soon as dark arrived, I’d’ hear their whispers,
I feel them crawling upon my bed
I hold the blankets so tight over my head
To save them entering into my thoughts
My mother said it was my imagination that demons don’t come from wallpaper nor do they enter your head
She said I had nightmares,She bought a night light to protect me, she said
She was right these weren’t real demons these were just cartoon characters that came alive at night
Real demons are not scared of night lights they don’t come from imaginative thoughts they come from the darker side of you.
I thought it took strength and courage not lights to banish them away I thought I knew because demons had kept me company for years
But when I was older and  I still kept the light on , checked under the  bed,
in wardrobes and closets until the coast was clear they still came every night
wanting to tease
They’d crowd my chest until I couldn’t breathe, I’d fight for breath; head spinning, heart pounding , I’d reach for my special pills and then I would rest
It was like living in hell funny how though since you been by my side
These demons are no longer to be seen
I realise now it’s not night lights or pills
It’s you and your unconditional love
that keeps these demons away.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

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