May contain Rants

The Measurement of love

loveIs there a way to measure love?

Is there an accurate way to measure it?

Is there a special equation ?

Is it measured with a ruler?

Is weighed using scales?

is it measured in kisses?

is it measured by the fluid created from passion?

is it measured by the friction of our bodies?

is it measured by our temptation?

is it weighed by our desire?

is calculated by the hours we make love?

I think not, how can you measure love

But if love were to be measured

It would be by using our senses

Look see I have applied this special

equation to you

it is by

by the sight of your beauty,


by the sound of your Welsh soft lit,


by the touch of your body


by the smell of your passion filled scent


by the taste of your kisses

equals I have now have the measure of you

and the conclusion is I’m love

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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