May contain Rants

Black Friday




A thousand tears I have shed

since that fateful day I sat besides you on

what became your deathbed

A million memories whirl within my head

since that day the nurse told me were dead

A hundred regrets I  have of things I should have said

I should have told you how much I loved you and more

since that day I have tried desperately to block out and ignore

An emptiness that lingers deep within my soul now exists

A sadness that invades my thoughts now persists

I shall remember a billion recollections of those times I treasure of you

in the hope they get me through

now that you have passed no longer to to return

People say time is a great healer but normality has now fled

it has been stolen

sorrow and silence is all that is left

So how can I resume to carry on

now that you have left me alone and bereft

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday

    1. Thank you for your comments although the poem was written about 9 years although it has been slightly tweaked about the passing of my father who died of cruel illness Guillain–Barré syndrome which is rare, at 1–2 cases per 100,000 people annually, he was paralysed from the neck down , unable to breathe , speak or move . We watched him for 8 weeks like this. he past peacefully but he was just turned 71 , he too was born in Wales and we returned his ashes back home . That gives me comfort.


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