May contain Rants

The last weekend in August


I remember if it was yesterday that last weekend in August

You told me you thought you were coming down with the flu

I told you phone in sick but you wouldn’t listen,

You worked a double shift instead you told me your patients needed you

I couldn’t stop you caring because that’s what you do

Sunday you rested you stayed in bed,

I brought you tea and stroked your hair

Sunday evening you were ashen, your lips a hint of blue

Your breaths were beginning to become shallow

I checked your heartbeat it was slow

All night I stayed awake with you

Monday morning arrived I rang the doctors, he said he was way on his and that

he’d phone ambulance it never arrived

You were drifting  in and out of conciseness,

I recall shouting at you to stay with me, don’t you dare leave I cried.

Your heartbeat was dropping fast I was losing you

Then with a miracle it began to slowly rise

Your mum rang ,she was on her way, I told her to come quick

I helped you to the car,

At the hospital, they rush you through.

They asked who I was, I told them I was your girlfriend, your partner

They  wouldn’t let me go through with you

They asked me if you had family

I told them they lived in Wales and that they were on their way

They asked me question about your medical history

But they still would not let me stay with you

I remember if it was yesterday that last weekend in August

When you nearly died and doctors wouldn’t let me stay with you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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