May contain Rants

Weep, Sleep ,Weep

I remember the day it all begancry

It was like a loosen thread

It had been there for weeks

It had never bothered me before

Then I pulled and it began to unravel

Reminded me of magicians pulling ribbons from their sleeves

But I recall it wasn’t as pretty or as colourful

It was dark and ugly

The day that one thought spiralled out control

Until all that was left was a void, a big black hole

Pulling me into its atmosphere

They gave me pills to ground me,

They tried to coerce my being from me

They’d feed my brain ‘HAPPY THOUGHTS’

It didn’t work; I retreated to a dark corner

To weep




Then you arrived with eyes so blue,

And a caring heart it was you who pulled me through

And I began to laugh



Love life.

Love you.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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