May contain Rants

The wait

An hour you left me waitingschool-gates-006

It seemed like forever

I did not know what I should I do

Should I come to you?

But I feared your voice, so I waited

Until the sky started to leave me

I was upset , I was crying

I knew I had to leave with the sky  too

So began the walk, I remember the old buildings

Each one marking a step closer to you

Then I saw our door, it was locked

I looked through the window , there was you in your inebriated state

Blissfully lying unaware what had unfolded

I waited for an hour,  cold and hungry

Then my mother arrived

and there was THE noise,

After that I never got picked up from the school gates again

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “The wait

  1. Another powerful and moving piece.
    Probably not the place to say this (or maybe its the PERFECT place to say it) but how can people read this and not comment?


    1. Who knows the minds of fellow bloggers! But I really don’t do to get comments it for more selfish reasons its an outlet for memories that tease me. But it would nice to get feed back ,but hey Ho never mind.


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