May contain Rants

A Cure for Demons

I am not one of those people who inherited pictures and trinketsdemons 1

Some precious family heirloom handed down the generations

I inherited demons, the sort of demons that cant be wrapped in brown paper

to be stowed away in attics or draws and forgotten.

My demons keep my shadows company when there is no sun

Bequeathed on me are demons that try to break me

They whisper to me in the darkness, try to persuade me

with their demonic thoughts.

These malignant creatures cannot be tamed or squashed

no measurement of potions, lotions or absolutions will defeat

them in their cause.

I tried to guard myself with sobriety, but even then, the need to abstain is torturous

but over the years I come to realise that my demons don’t like love ,you see

it makes the scuttle towards my shadows looking for company

For they don’t like me to be happy.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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