May contain Rants

The ‘Talk’

door1she arrived, distraught in need of arms to hug

I held her

she cried  tears she’s needed to  Iet flow

I comforted her

she became composed and smiled and said “ I’m ok now, thanks for letting me stay.”

I smiled back and “ I couldn’t let you be on your own.” I replied

she kissed my forehead and said  “That’s for you be  you, for still caring.”

I sighed and said “I will always care for you.”

Her eyes then met mine, she knew my thoughts

I sighed again

We kissed …. (God I’ve missed her lips)

Fingers interlocked ,we raised , stood

moving towards the door , she  led me upstairs

I refrained

“I can’t do this do this to us, we still need to talk. “ I said

She turned to me  and “ Well ,lets go talk ” she replied as she takes my hand once more

kicking closed the door shut behind her ….

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.