May contain Rants

The ‘Talk’

door1she arrived, distraught in need of arms to hug

I held her

she cried  tears she’s needed to  Iet flow

I comforted her

she became composed and smiled and said “ I’m ok now, thanks for letting me stay.”

I smiled back and “ I couldn’t let you be on your own.” I replied

she kissed my forehead and said  “That’s for you be  you, for still caring.”

I sighed and said “I will always care for you.”

Her eyes then met mine, she knew my thoughts

I sighed again

We kissed …. (God I’ve missed her lips)

Fingers interlocked ,we raised , stood

moving towards the door , she  led me upstairs

I refrained

“I can’t do this do this to us, we still need to talk. “ I said

She turned to me  and “ Well ,lets go talk ” she replied as she takes my hand once more

kicking closed the door shut behind her ….

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The ‘Talk’

    1. It is a poem but seeing as all my poetry is based on my life and my experiences , but the poem relates to quite the contrary,it is based on the a break up of a couple who get back together, but as my ‘poems’ are in chronological order you’d have to read the previous posts to see how we got here.

      But thank you for comment, it has given me a whole new out look to poem. Got me thinking about it that’s for sure.


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