May contain Rants

Requistion’s of love

reqI want you to know our love is worth fighting for

I want you to know we seriously need to talk

I want you to listen my requisitions as I’ve listed below

I no longer want our love to be captured in a letter to be kept in my pocket

I want kisses on my neck not a chain holding a picture of you in a locket

I cannot cope with the empty sentiments of love

I need your nakedness lying on top of my body

I need the purity of your heart kept in an exquisite box marked fragile

I want the rawness of love wrapped in a bow of beauty

I want  to whisper sweet commands in your ear in the stillness of the night

I want us to face the future whatever it may hold

I want you as my lover not my muse

I  want to go back to way things were once more

I want to stop going around in ever decreasing circles

I want all our fears to be banished away with the shadows

I want to walk tall down the same life path as you

Finally I want grow old with you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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