May contain Rants

I need to go beach walking …..

Another impromptu posting with none of my attempts at poetry!

I seem to have found myself with a day off work , so I’m off on a trip back ‘home’ to North Wales, for a “Welsh fix”.

I need to be by the sea and I need to go ‘beach walking’  because I’m starting to dwell on things too much and that’s not good. I’m allowing things to happen that I don’t want to happen namely the separation of J and I.

I wish one of us had been unfaithful , I wish  we could  get angry. I wish we had a good enough reason for making ourselves miserable but we don’t truth be told the only thing that’s keeping us apart is the fear of the future ( you’ll have trawl through my earlier postings its far too early and complicated for me to explain!)

In the four years we were together we’ve had one  previous separation which lasted  for six months ( I basically lost the plot for a short while and she gave me space to sort myself out) other than that the odd silly little spat but no arguments. Friends/family say we’re perfect together , we compliment each other , we’re miserable when not sharing each other. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t joined at the hip. But it was just good knowing that what ever we did during the day was for the mutual care of one another, that we had each other to rely on , oh that someone other than family loved you, someone who thought you were worth the effort , she is that someone.

I’ve had previous partners of varying in times,  10 years, 7 and some no longer than a year, to be honest always been a bit cynical of relationships until J . I use to hear stories of how when people met and they’d say I knew she was the one and never understand  I do now, I want to grow with her ,simple as.

Anyway there’s an unknown quote  ” I never thought love was worth fighting for but then I look into your eyes I’m ready for war ”

Well I am ready to fight for us and a trip to the sea and walking on the beach is just what  I need to sort out my strategy.

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