May contain Rants

Venus in Jimmy Choo’s

roomHome from work much too early

Catching up on mundane chores of life

Fresh clean bedding is laid on the bed

I recollect  how we writhed around  in the crisp Egyptian cotton sheets

Like wild animals in an eloborate  mating dance

The scent of your shampoo still remains on your pillows

where you once lay your head

I  realised how orderly everything now is

Except the thoughts that keep invading my head

There’s too much room on the dresser where a melody of colours once lived

Abundance of  space now invades the wardrobe that was once ours and

Coat hangers now hang redundantly

Space in the draws where your lingerie resided

Room in the cupboards where  your

Handbags and Shoes use to que, once all in order of size and  height of heel

I remember how when we were preparing for a evening  of pleasure

The air would would thick with your fragrance

And out of the mist my Venus in Jimmy Choo’s would appear

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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