May contain Rants

Speak to me through hands

Slight difference to the norm .Apart from Poetry and Literature  in general the other passion I have in life  is Sign language . I’m studying  hopefully to be an interpreter /communication officer of deaf teenagers and adults in further education asI feel strongly that everybody has the  right to communication

Anyways I have the  first part of a three part exam this evening so I thought I wrote a poem about Signing and the meeting of the two worlds…hopes you enjoy. Finn x

Speak to me through handssign

Speak to me through hands

From fingertips to closed palm

To the features of your face

Break through the barriers of our worlds

With a symphony of mime

Unlock the secrets I cannot understand

Show me the ways of your words

As I allow you to understand mine

Dance your sentences for me

Express them through the  movement of your body

A language that is not mine

Speak to me through hands

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.

All rights reserved.

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