May contain Rants

Sunday morning

sleepHello you mumbled down phone

Did  you a have nice birthday you enquire

I could  hear shot’s in your voice

Have you been drinking I ask

One or two  you replied

It did however sound  more than a few

I check the clock and remark

It’s quarter to two

I know you replied with tears in voice

I just  needed to ring to say I love you.

So here I’ve  been awake thinking about you

Worrying  if you are ok

Wondering if  when agreed  our separation

I should have stopped caring for you

Wondering if your home

Worrying if you’ve taken your medication

Worrying you have taken your medication

On a stomach full of alcohol

Wondering if it would be ok for me to ring you say I love you too

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.