May contain Rants



Remember our first date

Remember I  gave you flowers and you blushed

Remember  I told you how beautiful you looked

It so was strange  seeing you out of your uniform,

Remember Jack Penate’s song  was playing on the radio

‘Be the one!’ and it became ‘our song’

Remember how you kept circling the edge of your cup

And how I immediately started to mirror you

Remember  how the crumbs of the cake lingered on the corner of your mouth

And I wiped the side of your  lips with my finger tips and I just lingered there too

Remember  how our gaze locked, which for me was usually hard to do

But you have the deepest eyes of blue

Remember on the way back to your home

holding hands

Remember our first kiss was in the rain

Remember how you told me how new this was to you

Remember me taking you by the hand

Remember, Remember, remember this and more

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.