May contain Rants

Open heart …Closed mind


Your body moving my body, there was no disguise

A shameless love is what we shared right from the very start

Silent words that we spoke

We talked using our eyes

Feelings held deep we awoke

Then I recall you began to hold me under lock and key

There was no control over your jealousy

You were not content until you caused me so much anguish

All feelings I had for you I relinquish

I had no choice you drove me away

I needed to leave you behind

I could not stay

I left you with a closed mind

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Open heart …Closed mind

    1. Cheers I’m glad your liking them , as I said on FB last week I have over 300 poems going back years,12 on first/second draft and 4 poem ideas whizzing around my head so I thought I better make in roads into posting some.

      Anyway changing the subject to something completely random the tune I’ve been trying to hum today was I love london- Ms Bowen , it was background music!


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