May contain Rants

Bodies Entwined

When I first caught your eyeentwined

I knew I wanted a taste of the pie

It was an attraction born of the flesh

we both have to admit

So here we lie bodies entwined

knowing the pieces don’t fit

But still we became one

The seed of our  love was sown, the deed

had been done

We both agreed that it wasn’t meant to be serious

Somehow we both got caught in something so delirious

So why can I not make myself clear,

I can’t allow myself to fall in love with you

what is it that still  keeps me here

So here I remain still wanting more

why can I not walk away from you,

Is it that hypnotised look you give me

with those eyes so blue

Or is it  your sweet voice whispering J’adore

So here we still lie , bodies entwined

until we again become one.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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