May contain Rants

Body and Soul….

Your beauty blinds me that I cannot seepoem pic

Your smile brightens the darkest days I cannot seem to face

Your touch, your kisses I cannot resist

These are a few of the things make me love you with all my body and soul

And even though there’s a lifetimes difference between you and me

And friends think our relationship is a disgrace

Even though our time together has been relatively short

without you I doubt I could now exist

You have captured me with your youthful innocence

Now we’re caught in the headlights not knowing what is about to unfold

It’s like the turning of the pages of the chapter about me and you

We’re waiting for the story to be told

But whatever happens in the unfolding of the days that lie ahead

in the turning of the pages

And I know I sometimes stand between me and you

Just remember that part of my heart will always be yours

And although I do have doubts ,

it’s not because I don’t love you

Remember with all my body and soul

I now belong to you

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.

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May contain Rants

Secret Desires…..

Each day I see you pass  my way

All the time I keep my feelings at bay

For you don’t know my secret desires for you

Sometimes I wish I could tell you I wish you knew

The days seem to get longer , when all I do

Is  wait to catch your eye or see your smile

I imagine scenarios that we should be in

Of  skin touching skin

I get cryptic messages and certain looks

which make me wonder if you have secret desires of me too!

So  I only wish I had the courage to tell you how I feel

But I cannot risk my heart from being broken as it has just healed

So I will go on imaging scenarios that we should be in of skin touching skin.

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.
All rights reserved.